Current Affairs Question Answers Today, 15 Feb 2019

Here are the top 20 Current Affairs Question Answers of 15 February, 2019.

Question 1 : Name the heritage musical instrument of Goa? 

Answer : Ghumot

Question 2: Physically what is the heritage musical instrument of Goa?

Answer : Designed eastern clay pot.

Question 3: Where is Ghumot widely used?

Answer 3: For Ganesh Chaturthi Aarties.

Question 4: When and to whom was ghumot presented as a gift?

Answer 4: To Portuguese prime minister anotnio costa during his visit to india in 2017.

Question 5: Who has banned Ghumot ?

Answer 5: Forest Department of Goa.

Question 6: What is the key component of Ghumot?

Answer 6: Skin Of Monitor Lizard.

Question 7: how was the Ghumot revived?

Answer 7: By replacing monitor Lizard skin with the skin of a she-goat.

Question 8: Within what period should non-resident indians register the marriages?

Answer 8: Within 30 Days.

Question 9: Who is the president of Egypt ?

Answer 9: Abdel-Fattah el-sissi.

Question 10: What did Abdel-Fattah el-sissi take over?

Answer 10: Chairmanship of the african union.

Question 11 : Name the former chairmen of the African Union ?

Answer 11: Paul Kagame

Question 12: When did sirte declaration call for establishment of an african union ?

Answer 12 : On 9.9.1999

Question 13: When and where was the African Union launched ?

Answer 13: 26th May 2001 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Question 14: Who are the member of the african union ?

Answer 14: All UN member states based in African and African Waters.

Question 15: What is the consequence of the Citizenship Bill and the Triple Talaq bill 2019?

Answer 15: Both lapsed.

Question 16: Who wins the entrepreneur of 2018 ?

Answer 16: Siddharth Lal.

Question 17: What has Siddharth revived or restored to life?

Answer 17: Royal Enfield Motorcycle a global brand icon.

Question 18: Today what do call Macedonia?

Answer 18: North Macedonia.

Question 19: Who has opposed the name macedonia?

Answer 19: Greece and NATO.

Question 20: Where was Indo-German Environment forum held on 13th February 2019?

Answer 20: In New Delhi.

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