Current Affairs Question Answers Today, 16 Feb 2019

Here are the top 15 Current Affairs Questions of 16th Feb 2019.

Jalliawala Bagh National Memorial

Question 1 : In whose memory is the national memorial?

Answer : In memory of those killed or wounded on April, 13, 1919 in Jalliawala Bagh.

Question 2: How many trustees are there in the National memorial ?

Answer : Nine trustees with prime minister as chairperson.

World Radio Day

Question 3: What do you mean by Genesis ?

Answer 3: Existence Origin or beginning of something.

Question 4: Who proposed the idea of world Radio Day?

Answer 4: Spain Radio Academy.

Question 5: By Whom was 13 February declared world Radio Day?

Answer 5: UNESCO.

Question 6: Why was 13th February chosen as World Radio Day?

Answer 6: The united nations international broadcasting service was established on 13 February.


Question 7: Who says “Today is the day of mourning ” ?

Answer 7: Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Question 8: What did congress president rahul gandhi comment?

Answer 8: The entire opposition will stand together with our Jawans.

Question 9: “The Terrorists should undoubtedly be duly punished ” who said?

Answer 9: Russian President

Question 10: All Over the world Pulwama is famous for what?

Answer 10: Saffron Production.

Question 11 : “We stand with our strategic partner India ” who said ?

Answer 11: Germany.

Question 12: Point out first steps taken by India over Pulwama attack.

Answer 12 : India withdraws Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status given to Pakistan.

Question 13: What does MFN relate to?

Answer 13: International Economical Relations, Politics, trade (with low tariffs) 

Some Other Current Affairs Questions

Question 14: Which is India’s first Semi-high speed Train ?

Answer 14: Vande Bharat Express.

Question 15: Among women’s singles in NBC Semi finals who entered easily defeating Riya Mookerjee?

Answer 15: PV Sindhu.

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