Current Affairs Question Answers Today, 14 Feb 2019

Here are the top 10 Current Affairs Question Answers of 14 February, 2019.

Question 1 : Give the Full Form Of NPC ?

Answer : National Productivity Council.

Question 2: Mention the theme of the NPC for the year 2019?

Answer : Circular economy for productivity and sustainability.

Question 3: Define Circular Economy

Answer 3: Based On Make, Use and Return

Question 4: Point out the uses of circular economy

Answer 4: It controls finite stocks, reuses by recycling to balance resource flow.

Question 5: State the full form of DIPP.

Answer 5: Department Of Industrial Policy and Promotion.

Question 6: What did environment ministry release on 13 February 2019?

Answer 6: India-Spearheading Climate Solutions.

Question 7: How many countries are there in international solar alliance?

Answer 7: 121 Countries

Question 8: Who Initiated For the ISA?

Answer 8: India

Question 9: Mention the full form of the AMRUT.

Answer 9: Atal Mission Rejuvenation and urban trans formation.

Question 10: Name the aim of UJALA Scheme.

Answer 10: To embrace energy efficient LED bulbs.

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