Today’s Top 15 Current Affairs Question Answers 24 February 2019

Here are the top 15 Current Affairs Questions of 24 February 2019.

Nori Awarded Lifetime Achievement by Rotary

Question 1 : Who is Nori ?

Answer : Nori Dattatreyudu is a world renowned radiation oneologist Padma Award Winner.

Question 2:  Where will Nori be awarded and by whom ?

Answer :  Nori will be awarded in Vijaywada by Rotary Club.

Rare frog species found in Arunachal

Question 3: Where was a rare frog species found ?

Answer 3:  By scientist at Zoological Survey of India in Arunachal Pradesh.


Question 4: Which tortoise was rediscovered after 100 years ?

Answer 4: Fernandina giant 


Question 5: Which record did Chris Gale break ?

Answer 5: Most Sixes in International Cricket.

Question 6: Whose record was broken by Chris Gale ?

Answer 6:  Shahid Afridi’s Record


Question 7: What does Scientist say for tiny Neptune moon ?

Answer 7:  It may be a “Chipped-off piece” from a larger moon.

Question 8:  How does tiny Neptune moon form ?

Answer 8: As a result of Collision with a Comet.

Air Show In Bengaluru

Question 9: Name the biggest Air Show of Asia?

Answer 9: Aero India 2019.

Question 10: What does ” Make in India ” Refer to ?

Answer 10: It gives opportunities and strengthens Indias path to advanced future.

Question 11 : Name the defence firm of US.

Answer 11: lockheed martin.

Question 12: What did lockheed martin unveil ?

Answer 12 : F-21 multi-role fighter jet to be manufactured in India.

Question 13: Who would produce the fighter jet?

Answer 13: lockheed martin and Tata Advanced Systems.


Question 14: Which new scheme is launched in Jharkhand ?

Answer 14: Mithi Kranti Yojna.

Question 15: Who would earn through Mithi Kranti Yojna ?

Answer 15: Farmers.

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