Today’s Top 15 Current Affairs Question Answers 26 February 2019

Today’s Top 15 Current Affairs Question Answers 26 February 2019.
All these questions have picked from the latest current affairs happened in India and all over the world.

Question 1 :  What does Odisha State launch for remote areas health ?

Answer : Boat Ambulance Service.

Question 2: How much would it cost ?

Answer : Rs. 5.40 Crore.

Question 3: Where does Mayank Markende make his debut ?

Answer3: In the first T20 International against Australia in Vishakhapatnam.

Question 4: What does Mayank Markende become ?

Answer 4: The 79th Player to represent India in the shotest format of cricket.

Question 5: What has the government done with printing presses and mints ?

Answer 5: Declared them as public utility service.

Question 6: How has the Government helped CAPF ?

Answer 6: By increasing risk and hardship allowances for CAPF personnel.

Question 7: How many new galaxies have been discovered by scientists ?

Answer 7: 300,000 New Galaxies.

Question 8: What does Israel launched in Space ?

Answer 8: 1st moon lander 585 kg beresheet.

Question 9: From where has Israel launched it ?

Answer 9: Private US based Space X in Florida, Us.

Question 10: What is the moon sometimes called ?

Answer 10: The 8th continent of the Earth.

Question 11: Which country is Israel to carry out 384,000 km journey in space ?

Answer 11: 4th country after russia, uk and china.

Question 12: What does Saudi Arabia appoint first ?

Answer 12 : First Female Ambassador.

Question 13: Who is the first female ambassador of saudi arabia ?

Answer 13: Princess Reema Bint Bandar.

Question 14: How much has GST been sliced down ?

Answer 14: For under-construction flates over Rs. 45 lakhs from 12% to 5%.

Question 15: How many percent GST on 45 lakhs or below residential property ?

Answer 15: From 8% to 1%.

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