Today’s Top 15 Current Affairs Question Answers 3 March 2019

Today’s Top 15 Current Affairs Question Answers 3 March 2019. 
All these questions have picked from the latest current affairs happened in India and all over the world.

Question 1 : What do you mean by Tik-Tok ?

Answer : China Owned Video Sharing Network.

Question 2: How much penalty has Tik Tok to pay to US authority ?

Answer :  $ 5.7 million.

Question 3: What is Sampriti ?

Answer3: Joint Military exercise by India and Bangladesh.

Question 4: When and where was Sampriti first held ?

Answer 4: In Assam 2011.

Question 5: Give the full form of the ADIA.

Answer 5: ABU Dhabi Investment Authority.

Question 6: How much does ADIA intend to invest in Kotak fund ?

Answer 6: USD 500 million.

Question 7: What does russia offered ?

Answer 7:  To mediate between Indian and pakistan on recent tensions.

Question 8: Which amendment has cabinet approved for Jammu and Kashmir ?

Answer 8: Reservation amendment ordinance.

Question 9: With whom RBI signed bilateral Swap ?

Answer 9:  With banks of Japan.

Question 10: What would the agreement provide ?

Answer 10: 75 US Billion Dollars.

Question 11: What is Tata Steal recognized as ?

Answer 11: One of the worlds most Ethical Companies.

Question 12:In which fields Tata Steal got the recognition ?

Answer 12 : In Metals, Minerals and Mining.

Question 13: Who has agreed to invest on Jet Airways ?

Answer 13: Second largest share holder Ethihad.

Question 14: What has Indian Farmers Fertilizer co-operative (IFFCO) Launched ?

Answer 14: IFFCO Tokio General Insurance has launched Bank locker protection policy.

Question 15: Between Whom Mainamati Maitree Exercise was held ?

Answer 15: Between Border security force (BSF) and Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB).

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