Todays Top 15 Current Affairs Question Answers 5 March 2019

Today’s Top 15 Current Affairs Question Answers 5 March 2019. 
All these questions have picked from the latest current affairs happened in India and all over the world.

1.Government Approves Adani

Question 1 : How much investment does government approves ?

Answer : 14,000 Crore.

Question 2: For what does government approve ?

Answer :  For (SEZ) Special Economic Zone project of Adani Power.

Question 3: Where would the power be used ?

Answer3:  The entire power generated would be exported to Bangladesh.

2. Bhagwan Lal Sahni

Question 4: Where has Bhagwan Lal Sahni Appointed ?

Answer 4: Chairmen of (NCBC) National Commission for Backward Classes.


Question 5: Give the Full form of OSDMA?

Answer 5: Odisha State Disaster Management Authority.

Question 6: What is SKOCH Award ?

Answer 6:  The highest independent honour in the country.

Question 7: Which state was given SKOCH Award ?

Answer 7:  Odisha.

4. Anil Kumble :

Question 8: Who has been re-appointed as chairmen of the ICC?

Answer 8: Anil Kumble

Question 9: Whom has Kumble replaced ?

Answer 9:  Windies Captain Clive Lloyd.

Question 10: How many times kumble has been given this post ?

Answer 10: Third Consecutive Time.

5. CISF :

Question 11: What record has CISF sets ?

Answer 11: The largest single line bicycle parade.

Question 12: What has CISF Created ?

Answer 12 : A Guinness World Record.

Question 13: What does this record specify ?

Answer13: 1327 bicycles non stop in a single line maintaining uniform distance.

6. April 2019 to March 2020:

Question 14: What does PM Declare April 2019 to March 2020 ?

Answer 14: As Construction Technology Year.

7. PK Bezbaruah:

Question 15: Where is PK Bezbaruah been appointed for a second tenure ?

Answer 15: Chairmen of Tea Board.

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