Today’s Top 15 Current Affairs Question Answers 9 March 2019

Today’s Top 15 Current Affairs Question Answers 9 March 2019. 
All these questions have picked from the latest current affairs happened in India and all over the world.

I MOEFCC Amends:

Question 1 : What does MOEFCC amend ?

Answer : The import of solid plastic waste.

Question 2: Give the full Form of MOEFCC.

Answer :  Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climatic change.

National Housing Bank

Question 3: Whose Subsidiary is the National Housing Bank ?

Answer 3: A fully owned subsidiary of the RBI.

Question 4: What does national housing bank propose ?

Answer 4: Stricter regulation for housing finance companies.

Singapore to Invest:

Question 5: How much does singapore government propose to invest ?

Answer 5: Rs. 5000 Crore.

Question 6: Whom does singapore government subscribe to share?

Answer 6: Airtel Stock

India Offers The World:

Question 7: What does India offers to the world ?

Answer 7:  The cheapest mobile data packs in the world.

Question 8: Can you guess the mobile data cost price in India ?

Answer 8: USD 0.26 In India.

OECD Reduced:

Question 9: What has OECD reduced ?

Answer 9:  The world economic growth forecast.

Question 10:  How much has the growth reduced ?

Answer 10: From 3.5% to 3.3%.

KAJA Kallas Elected:

Question 11: What designation is Kaja Kallas given ?

Answer 11: She is elected as the 1st Female Prime Minister of Estonia.

World Bank To Provide:

Question 12: How much does the world bank provide ?

Answer 12 : Rs, 2,200 Crore.

Question 13: For what purpose does the world bank provide ?

Answer 13:  For health care project to Andhra.

Govt to Issue Rs. 20 Coins:

Question 14: Which coin is issued for the first time ?

Answer 14: Rs, 20 Coin.

International Womens Day:

Question 15: On whose Birth date is National Women’s day ?

Answer 15: On date of Birth of India’s first women Governor Sarojini Naidu.

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