Top 15 Current Affairs Question Answers 18 to 19 Feb 2019

Here are the top 15 Current Affairs Questions of 18th Feb 2019 19th Feb 2019.

Question 1 : Who is Mauricio Macri?

Answer : President of Argentina, South America.

Question 2: What did president Macri sign with P.M Modi?

Answer :  10 Memorandum of understanding (MOU).

Question 3: Name the first women to climb Agasthyarkoodam peak in kerala?

Answer 3: Dhanya Sanal.

Question 4: Where is Neyyar wild life sanctuary ?

Answer 4: In Kerala.

Question 5: Who is the father of Tamil Language ?

Answer 5: AGASTHYA.

Question 6: Which language is said to be born from Agasthya ?

Answer 6: Malayalam.

Question 7: What has symantec launched ?

Answer 7: Email Fraud Protection.

Question 8: Point out the use of Email Fraud Protection.

Answer 8: It blocks fraudulent Emails from reaching enterprises.

Question 9: Figure out the Framework Agreement signed between Argentina and India.

Answer 9: International Solar Alliance.

Question 10: Guess who has just claimed the Qatar open 2019 title at Doha, Qatar ?

Answer 10:Elise Mertens from Belgium.

Question 11 : How many titles has mertens won so far ?

Answer 11: Five singles, Six doubles WTA apart from 241TF titles.

Question 12: What is the highest receipt from RBI in a single financial year for the government ?

Answer 12 : Rs. 68, 000 crores.

Question 13: Imagine a popular sport in Maharastra.

Answer 13: Mallakhamb.

Question 14: For the 4th Time who becomes national champion in senior national badminton for women’s singles finals.

Answer 14: Saina Nehwal.

Question 15: About Iran Nuclear deal, Germany rejects what?

Answer 15: United States call to quit Iran nuclear deal.

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