Top 50 Current Affairs Questions: February 2019

Here are the top 50 Current Affairs Questions of February 2019. All these questions have picked from the latest current affairs happened in last week of February 2019.

Question 1 : Who is Nori ?

Answer : Nori Dattatreyudu is a world renowned radiation oneologist Padma Award Winner.

Question 2:  Where will Nori be awarded and by whom ?

Answer :  Nori will be awarded in Vijaywada by Rotary Club.

Question 3: Where was a rare frog species found ?

Answer 3:  By scientist at Zoological Survey of India in Arunachal Pradesh.

Question 4: Which tortoise was rediscovered after 100 years ?

Answer 4Fernandina giant 

Question 5: Which record did Chris Gale break ?

Answer 5: Most Sixes in International Cricket.

Question 6: Whose record was broken by Chris Gale ?

Answer 6:  Shahid Afridi’s Record

Question 7: What does Scientist say for tiny Neptune moon ?

Answer 7:  It may be a “Chipped-off piece” from a larger moon.

Question 8:  How does tiny Neptune moon form ?

Answer 8: As a result of Collision with a Comet.

Question 9: Name the biggest Air Show of Asia?

Answer 9: Aero India 2019.

Question 10: What does ” Make in India ” Refer to ?

Answer 10: It gives opportunities and strengthens Indias path to advanced future.

Question 11 : Name the defence firm of US.

Answer 11: lockheed martin.

Question 12: What did lockheed martin unveil ?

Answer 12 : F-21 multi-role fighter jet to be manufactured in India.

Question 13: Who would produce the fighter jet?

Answer 13: lockheed martin and Tata Advanced Systems.

Question 14: Which new scheme is launched in Jharkhand ?

Answer 14: Mithi Kranti Yojna.

Question 15: Who would earn through Mithi Kranti Yojna ?

Answer 15: Farmers.

Question 16 : Give the meaning of the FDC ?

Answer : Fixed Dose Combination.

Question 17:  Which medicine is estimated to be sold 31 tablets every second in india?

Answer :  Saridon of Piramal Enterprises Ltd.

Question 18: What category brand is Saridon?

Answer : A 100 Crore Brand.

Question 19: Which power has the home ministry Granted to Assam rifles?

Answer : To arrest and search without a warrant.

Question 20: Where is the power of the assam rifles, of use?

Answer : Border District of Assam, Arunachal, Manipur, Nagaland and Mizoram.

Question 21: Can you guess the speed of the sound?

Answer :  1234.37 Km/hour

Question 22: Who broke the record of the speed of sound ?

Answer :  A Norwegian Air Flight by flying at 1248 Km/hour.

Question 23:  Today who has broken the record of the Norwegian Air Flight ?

Answer : Virgin Atlantic Flight From Los Angeles to London at 1289 km/hour.

Question 24: Which institution ranks as global top Employer for the 3rd Consecutive year?

Answer : Tata Consultancy Service (TCS).

Question 25: How many employees are working with TCS globally ?

Answer :  4.17 Lakh employees.

Question 26 : What has home ministry announced for CAPF?

Answer : Free Air travel between Delhi-Shrinagar and Jammu-Shrinagar.

Question 27: Who are benefited by the Free Air Travel ?

Answer : Constable, Head Constable and ASI.

Question 28: What has Law minster has launched ?

Answer : Nyaya Bandhu A Tele-Law mobile application.

Question 29: The National Aids Research Institute Decides to drop what?

Answer : Focus on AIDS.

Question 30: What hiked for the fruit time since FY16?

Answer : Interest rate on PF by 0.10%.

Question 31: Where is the 7th Strandja Memorial Tournament held?

Answer : In Sofia, Bulgaria.

Question 32: Who topped the medals tally with 9 medals.

Answer :  Russia.

Question 33: What designation is Anirban Mukherjee given ?

Answer : Appointed as CEO of Pay U India.

Question 34: A regional conference on what was organised at kolkata ?

Answer : Deendayal Disabled rehabilitation scheme (DDRS).

Question 35: What does vision Zero Mean ?

Answer : Humans are capable of making mistakes life is non-negotiable.

Question 36: What does kerala Chief Minister indect as Indias first ?

Answer : Humanoid robot KP-BOT.

Question 37: At which rank does KP-BOT work ?

Answer 38:  Sub-Inspector in kerala police force.

Question 38:  Which award does Dr. Soumitro Chakraborty get at the 8th world CSR Congress ?

Answer : CEO of the Year.

Question 39: Give the theme of world CSR Congress 2019.

Answer : Sustainable Development Goals to focus on corporate strategies innovations and alliances.

Question 40: Name the projects launched by the Union Textile Minister.

Answer :  Muga Silk seed production Eri spun silk mills and silk printing.

Question 41 : Who launched SWAYATT (encourage start ups) in New Delhi ?

Answer : Union minister Suresh Prabhu.

Question 42: Why is external affairs minister sushma swaraj awarded Grand cross by Spain ?

Answer : For rescue and relief operation of 71 spanish nationals in nepal.

Question 43: What does cabinet approve for central govt. employees ?

Answer : 3% hike in Dearness Allowance.

Question 44: What does president Trump Sign?

Answer : A directive to create a military space force.

Question 45: Name the five branches of US Military.

Answer : Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines and Coast Guard.

Question 46 : How much did punjab FM present state budget for FY 2019-20?

Answer : Rs. 1, 58,493 crore.

Question 47: What do you mean by Ponzi Scheme ?

Answer :  A form of fraud played by investors.

Question 48: How does the government react to Ponzi Scheme ?

Answer : Cabinet approved the ordinance for Ponzi Scheme.

Question 49: Give the full form of CCEA.

Answer : Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs.

Question 50: What is KUSUM?

Answer : kisan Urja Surakhsa evam utthan mahabhiyan.

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