Top 60 Current Affairs Questions: March 2019

Today’s Top 60 Current Affairs Question Answers 8 February 2019. 
All these questions have picked from the latest current affairs happened in India and all over the world.

Question 1 :  What does Odisha State launch for remote areas health ?

Answer : Boat Ambulance Service.

Question 2: How much would it cost ?

Answer : Rs. 5.40 Crore.

Question 3: Where does Mayank Markende make his debut ?

Answer3: In the first T20 International against Australia in Vishakhapatnam.

Question 4: What does Mayank Markende become ?

Answer 4: The 79th Player to represent India in the shotest format of cricket.

Question 5: What has the government done with printing presses and mints ?

Answer 5: Declared them as public utility service.

Question 6: How has the Government helped CAPF ?

Answer 6: By increasing risk and hardship allowances for CAPF personnel.

Question 7: How many new galaxies have been discovered by scientists ?

Answer 7: 300,000 New Galaxies.

Question 8: What does Israel launched in Space ?

Answer 8: 1st moon lander 585 kg beresheet.

Question 9: From where has Israel launched it ?

Answer 9: Private US based Space X in Florida, Us.

Question 10: What is the moon sometimes called ?

Answer 10: The 8th continent of the Earth.

Question 11: Which country is Israel to carry out 384,000 km journey in space ?

Answer 11: 4th country after russia, uk and china.

Question 12: What does Saudi Arabia appoint first ?

Answer 12 : First Female Ambassador.

Question 13: Who is the first female ambassador of saudi arabia ?

Answer 13: Princess Reema Bint Bandar.

Question 14: How much has GST been sliced down ?

Answer 14: For under-construction flates over Rs. 45 lakhs from 12% to 5%.

Question 15: How many percent GST on 45 lakhs or below residential property 

Answer 15: From 8% to 1%.

Question 16 :  What does India destroy in Balakot ?

Answer : Biggest terrorist training camp.

Question 17: How many and which jets were used?

Answer : 17 Mirage 2000 figher jets.

Question 18: How heavy were the bombs ?

Answer: 1000kg.

Question 19: When was the operation completed ?

Answer : 3.45 Am on 26th February 2019.

Question 20: What has manpreeet singh won ?

Answer : Indian skipper player of the year 2018.

Question 21: What has Afghanistan formally launched ?

Answer : Shipping goods to India through Chabahar Port in Iran.

Question 22: Which item were launched in the first shipment ?

Answer 22:  Dried Fruits, Textiles, Carpets, etc.

Question 23: Who inaugurated the shipment ?

Answer 23: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani

Question 24: Which is the route of this shipment ?

Answer: From New Delhi to Afghanistan, bypassing Pakistan to trade with Central Asia

Question 25: Why is PCA introduced by RBI ?

Answer : When the banks financial conditions worsen below trigger point (certain limits).

Question 26: Give the full form of IRCTC.

Answer : Indian Railway Catering and Tourism corporation.

Question 27: What does IRCTC win ?

Answer : National E-governance award 2019.

Question 28: Who revealed two 1 terabyte micro SD Cards ?

Answer: Western digital owned Sandisk and micron.

Question 29: What kind of Bhagwad Gita is unvieled by PM in south delhi?

Answer: World’s largest.

Question 30: Which are the features of this Bhagwad Gita ?

Answer: 670 Pages, 800 kg, 2.8 m tall, 2 m wide when closed.

Question 31:  What did the PM inaugurated at India Gate Complex in Delhi.

Answer : National War Memorial.

Question 32: In Whose memory has the memorial been built ?

Answer : In memory of martyred Jawans during Indo-China war 1962, Indo-pak Wars 1947, 1965 and 1971, Kargil Conflict 1999

Question 33: What is PM Kisan Scheme ?

Answer: Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi.

Question 34: Where was the scheme launched ?

Answer: In Gorakhpur.

Question 35: In what does punjab ranks first ?

Answer : Highest alcohol consumption among children.

Question 36: What is Cobra- Gold?

Answer : Military training exercise by US and Thailand in thailand.

Question 37: With whom does BOB tie-up ?

Answer :  With Germany’s KFW Development Bank

Question 38: Who was the founder of BOB ?

Answer : Maharaja H.H Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad III.

Question 39: Whom does Indra Nooyi Join ?

Answer : Amazon’s Board of directors the online retail giant .

Question 40: What has rashid Khan become ?

Answer : 7th Bowler to pick up a Hat-trick in T20.

Question 41: How does Rashid Become 1st bowler ?

Answer : By Picking up 4 wickets in 4 ball.

Question 42: What does vermin mean ?

Answer : wild animal harmful to crops, farm animals.

Question 43: Whom does Himachal Government declare vermin ?

Answer : Monkeys.

Question 44: Which banks has removed from corrective action list ?

Answer : Allahabad, Corporation and Dhan Laxmi Banks.

Question 45: Who revealed two 1 terabyte micro sd card ?

Answer : Western digital owned sandisk and micron.

Question 46 : What do you mean by Tik-Tok ?

Answer : China Owned Video Sharing Network.

Question 47: How much penalty has Tik Tok to pay to US authority ?

Answer :  $ 5.7 million.

Question 48: What is Sampriti ?

Answer: Joint Military exercise by India and Bangladesh.

Question 49: When and where was Sampriti first held ?

Answer: In Assam 2011.

Question 50: Give the full form of the ADIA.

Answer : ABU Dhabi Investment Authority.

Question 51: How much does ADIA intend to invest in Kotak fund ?

Answer : USD 500 million.

Question 52: What does russia offered ?

Answer :  To mediate between Indian and pakistan on recent tensions.

Question 53: Which amendment has cabinet approved for Jammu and Kashmir ?

Answer : Reservation amendment ordinance.

Question 54: With whom RBI signed bilateral Swap ?

Answer :  With banks of Japan.

Question 55: What would the agreement provide ?

Answer : 75 US Billion Dollars.

Question 56: What is Tata Steal recognized as ?

Answer: One of the worlds most Ethical Companies.

Question 57:In which fields Tata Steal got the recognition ?

Answer : In Metals, Minerals and Mining.

Question 58: Who has agreed to invest on Jet Airways ?

Answer 59: Second largest share holder Ethihad.

Question: What has Indian Farmers Fertilizer co-operative (IFFCO) Launched ?

Answer 60: IFFCO Tokio General Insurance has launched Bank locker protection policy.

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